On June 23rd 2018, the City of Knoxville hosted a gay pride parade at the request of Communists across America. While these gay people paraded around, apparently, gay pride was not the only item on the agenda. The parade would also consist of wet t-shirt contests for children under 12 years old. How and why this sort of vile behavior could be appropriate or even legal in America, we may never know. But a handful of White Nationalists, including our own NSM Member, Kynan Dutton, were not going to put up with it quietly, especially since he is a father himself with children of various ages.

Our people exercised their 1st Amendment privilege in their own area of demonstration, and ultimately were attacked for it, because (as usual), the Communists did not agree with what was being said. When attacked, Kynan shoved the attacker, and was consequently arrested by a gay sympathizing deputy and charged with assault.

Anyone who knows Kynan, knows that he is an honorably discharged Marine, who has managed to stare death straight in the eye at home and abroad, and has never blinked. He has always been there for people he knew, and even those he did not. Our people came together to bail him out of jail, however, now he will need a private lawyer to make sure he stays out.

Our goal is to raise $1,500.00 to go strictly towards Kynan's private attorney. No deals or plea bargains will be struck and this will be fought out to jury selection, and trial if necessary.

The City of Knoxville and the degenerates it patronizes must learn that we will not take this sort of frivolous nonsense sitting down.

The NSM requests that you send whatever donations you can, but ANY AMOUNT HELPS.

Please send any legal donations for Kynan's lawyer to NSM Headquarters PO Box 13768 Detroit Michigan 48213, and make sure to put Kynan's Legal Defense on a note with well-concealed cash or money order.