Kevin ('KJ') James announced that NSM Media is beginning a new internal project that could have wide-ranging external impact. It's called, the 'White Music Preservation Project.'

The White Music Preservation Project started as a routine quality improvement project motivated by Kynan Dutton, host of Music Channel 1488, and co-host of Midwest Friday Night. While having KJ operate the studio controls while Kynan's studio internet was being upgraded, the pair found opportunities to make the music on Music Channel 1488 sound much better.

The whole premise of Music Channel 1488 is to do a show kind of like we would if it were broadcast on satellite radio, KJ explains. And with Kynan having been a musician himself before in bands, the necessity of removing unnecessary silence and corrected volume issues became important. I could really hear all of our concerns about the sound quality, says Kynan.

Since all of the songs used on Music Channel 1488 are either under specific licenses, or provided as part of promotional agreements from NSM 88 Records, fixing the songs was easy, but occasionally complex.

KJ and Kynan gather the best source version of the songs they can, edit out 'dead' beginnings and ends of the songs, then apply compression and limiting to the audio, and set the new version at an audio level that is not expected to over-modulate in the studio. On some songs, additional 'sweetening' (EQ, or audio equalization) is needed as well.

Besides providing an enjoyable listening to the Music Channel 1488 experience, KJ says, Our side-goal is to do what we can to preserve the memory of the original artists who are no longer with us. This is something Kynan and I both strongly believe in.

KJ concludes by stating, that While we 'must preserve the existence of our people and a future for white children,' we also have the responsibility to preserve a musical culture that has motivated many to consider National Socialism in their own lives. It's more that just moshing to a cool tune, says Kynan.

Listeners will start noticing the difference in the quality of many of the songs played on Music Channel 1488 on its next episode.

Music Channel 1488 airs Saturdays at 9PM ET on NSMMedia.net. Its primary sponsor is NSM88Records.com.